Key Issues


Proven Leadership, Promises Kept, Plan for Hoover



  • Forward focused leader working to improve on the great strides already made for our city
  • Vision for watching trends that are occurring with a changing national, state and local landscape
  • Knows the city from the inside out; longtime resident since 1973, employee and now mayor during these challenging times
  • Knows the priorities of the people and works hard to fulfill those needs and aspirations
  • Led the city through unprecedented challenges
  • Handling COVID
    • Immediately implemented an incident action plan and activated the city emergency operations center
    • Shifted city operations to a virtual platform to maintain services in a remote environment


1. Growing current strong partnership with Hoover City Schools

  • Built strong relationship with superintendent and principals
    Visited schools often in person to learn about current needs and how to meet those needs

    • Special relationship with students because he attends award ceremonies, Walk to School Day, Arbor Day
  • Meet with the Hoover Parent Teacher Council and Hoover Board of Education to address concerns
  • Attend teacher workshops to learn about new tools schools are implementing to better teach our students
  • Host annual one-on-one meeting with each principal to discuss issues
  • Added more School Resource Officer’s in the schools
    • Every Hoover City School now has an SRO on duty every minute that school is in session, and the high schools have multiple officers
    • Totally funded by the City of Hoover


2. Building Hoover’s economy for the future

  • Recruiting businesses to Riverchase Business District, Riverchase Galleria and Meadow Brook Office Park
  • HAILO (Hoover Artificial Intelligence Logistics and Operations)
    • First business incubator/accelerator in Hoover
    • Goal is to bring entrepreneurs into Hoover with new ideas for artificial intelligence technology
    • Will bring different types of businesses to the Galleria campus
  • Meadowbrook Park- McLeod and Capstone
  • International Park- Iberia Bank
  • Hoover Met Complex
  • New Restaurants
  • Implemented Energy Savings Plan to address to address aging infrastructure without impacting our capital budget
    • The dollars we save from the Energy Savings Plan will pay for AC units, ball field lights, mechanical needs, etc.
    • Now full time project management system in place
  • Regional Cooperation
    • Brought Hoover into Big 10 Mayors Group
    • Active participant in Jefferson and Shelby County Mayors Associations
    • Pioneered shared services with City of Pelham
  • Weekly meetings with city council leadership on new ordinances, legal proceedings, and all aspects of city business
  • Improved software, new website, new communication channels for residents including very active social media pages
    • Working with Galleria ownership on revitalization of their facility


3. Investing in Hoover’s Neighborhoods

  • First ever comprehensive plan focused on connecting neighborhoods
  • All new neighborhoods are walkable
  • Keeping historic value of homes and preserving property values
  • Expanded ordinances to keep yards and properties maintained and cleaned up
  • Actively engaged with real estate industry so that we can improve any neighborhood concerns or issues including flooding and other problems.
    • Attitude of compassion and help instead of government intrusion
  • Improving on restrictions for vaping shops, payday lenders, etc.
  • Future Hoover- city’s first-ever adopted comprehensive plan to address comprehensive land use and new development


4. Solving Traffic Congestion

  • Redesigning I-459 interchange at Hwy 150 to increase traffic capacity
  • Pursuing new exit on I-459 to relieve traffic and provide economic development opportunities
    • Purchased land and identified other land we need to purchase
    • Achieved support from ALDOT, Jefferson and Shelby Counties, Cities of Birmingham, Bessemer and Helena
    • This project will relieve traffic for Hoover residents and provide access and opportunity for all of western Jefferson and Shelby Counties


5. Maintaining Strong Public Safety

  • Record low for crime rates in 2018 and 2019
  • Invested $4 million in state of the art Hoover Police Training Center
  • Hoover Police Department is pursuing national accreditation – using best practices that are examined by professional law enforcement agencies across the country
    • This is a critical step for the future of the police department
    • Initiated this process in 2017; it was not merely a response to the critical incidents we have experienced
  • Increased number of firefighters and police officers on duty to protect our city


6. Building a Diverse and Equitable Community

  • Founded Leadership Hoover to provide a diverse forum for emerging leaders across our city to engage one another
  • Directed the development of the city’s first Supplier Diversity Program to ensure equal access to business opportunities
  • Used appointments to city boards and commissions to increase representation of all groups in our city
  • Changed city recruitment and hiring practices to promote diversity in city government
  • Appointed Diversity Coordinator in city human resources department to ensure equity in hiring, promotions, and discipline of city
  • workforce
  • Arranged for the first-ever diversity and bias training for city employees
  • Personally attends diversity forums and training in Hoover and the greater metro region